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"Dear Bar, unfortunately on this occasion we will not be inviting you to the audition". Boss Lady is a solo work that delves into the experiences of rejection within the dance industry. We are always finding new ways to deal with rejection letters, or ponder whether we should deal with them at all. Email drafts accumulate as we write and rewrite desperate responses while sitting on our bedroom floor, until, eventually, we get up and carry on like a Boss Lady. "Thank you so much for your email"...

Performed at:

- Fusion Festival, Cambridge, UK, in June 2018.
- Wharf Chambers, Leeds, UK, in January 2019 (with Excessive Human Collective).


To be live-streamed at:
- South London Scratch Night at the Upper Norwood Library Hub, London, UK (with Experiment 6).

Choreographed, directed, written and performed by Bar Groisman.

Footage filmed by Fusion Festival.
Trailer edited by Bar Groisman.

Photography by Elly Welford.

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