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This solo work embodies the inner struggle that we, as individuals, can experience by rushing between society's expectations of constant adaptability: demanding delicate emotion, testing us for subtle social codes and toying with our egos. Can we scream out in frustration as we make the perfect cake? This solo work opens the front door of a young person’s day, who struggles to find themself amid the chaos of searching, and constantly questions which face to present within various situations. We watch them suffer, deliver affirmations, sweat the chaos out and have a tea break. We observe a household pet being spoken to and used as a therapy tool, and simply watch their day unfold.

Performed at the Sommarlund Arts Festival, Lund, Sweden, in August 2020.

Choreographed and directed by Bar Groisman.

Performed by and in collaboration with Matilda Bjärum

Text written by Bar Groisman and Matilda Bjärum

Footage filmed and edited by Patrik Palm and Lars Bjärum Bengtsson

Trailer edited by Bar Groisman

Photography by Patrik Palm​.

Music credits: It’s Oh So Quiet by Björk, Russel and Victor by Adrian Utley and Will Gregory, Hamburger Lady by Throbbing Gristle, Addiction by Marco Faraone, It’s My Party by Lesley Gore.

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