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Polly Constance


From sleepy Hampshire, Polly is a southern-based dance artist, learning to negotiate the hurdles that come with being a freelance dancer. She recently graduated from Northern School of Contemporary Dance with first-class honours, where she worked with artists Phil Sanger, Wayne Parsons, Eleanor Sikorski and Fernanda Prata.

She is also a co-founder of Honestly Casual Projects, a new company established with Chana Joyce. Together they dream up new creations, master the art of composing emails and have produced three films: the colour blue, They Followed Their Feet and This Book Needs Another Angle. Most recently, Polly has become a part of Bridport Youth Dance, where she teaches and shares her love of dancing and choreography. In February 2020, Polly performed in Sababa Co.’s work Aize Balagan at the Resolution Festival at The Place, London, and continues to work with the company on a new work.


Fay Reilly

Born in North Yorkshire, Fay moved up to Scotland at a young age. They started their professional training at The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance in 2016, after 3 years with the Junior and Senior Scottish Ballet Associates. During their time in Scotland, Fay was a company member of The National Youth Dance Company of Scotland and toured work by Anna Kenrick, nationally and internationally. Fay graduated from the Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2021 and during their time, they had pleasure of working with Barnaby Booth, Bar Groisman (Sababa Co.) and Vicki Igbokwe (Uchenna Dance). In 2020, Fay was a dancer for Sababa Co. and had the opportunity to perform company work, ‘Aize Balagan’ at Resolution Festival 2020. Other artists Fay has worked with include Theo Clinkard and Adam Wheeler (Tasdance).


Thea Kallhed Möller

Is a Contemporary Dancer, performer and artist from Sweden. She went on to complete a first class BA Hons degree at London Contemporary Dance School in 2020. During her
training she got to work with artist as Leila McMillan, Thick and Tight, Olive Hardy and Seke
Chimutengwende. She got to perform in several pieces which resulted in her receiving the Cohan Scholarship ”For showing outstanding potential as a performer” at The Place in 2019.
After graduating, Thea stayed in London and have been freelancing as a dancer in different projects across UK and Sweden. She works extensively as a performer and are passionate about collaborative work; creating, researching and exploring together as an ensemble. Her artistic and personal interests are many, but she have found a deeper interest in characters, facial expressions, gestures and gathering inspiration from everyday life.



Aeron Preston

Originally from Johannesburg South Africa, Aeron moved to the UK where she started her dance training with Swindon Dance Cat scheme. She later went on to train at Northern School of Contemporary Dance where she graduated with a First-Class Honours degree and distinct in their pre professional year course. 

 During her training Aeron has performed works by Lea Anderson MBE, Gary Clark and dived into developing her own choreographic voice through her work “Strange but orange” and “How to tell you”.

 In 2020, Aeron joined projects based around elevating Women’s voices, raising awareness and Empowerment, working as a dancer with Womanewer and performing in “Women of Wigan” by Molly Press commissioned by Wiggle Dance. 

 For the 2021/2022 season, Aeron worked with Scottish Dance Theatre as a work-based learner through Northern School of Contemporary Dance’s MA Post-Graduate scheme. 

 In July she went on to perform as professional dancer at the 2022 Commonwealth Games open ceremony under the direction of Corey Baker.

 Aeron has also performed works by Botis Seva, Joan Clevillè and Rosemary Lee.  



Rose Lewis

Born in Newcastle, Rose trained at DanceCity Centre for Advanced Training where she trained for five years. In 2015, Rose joined the National Youth Dance Company in London, where she performed and toured In-Nocentes by Michael Keegan-Dolan. She graduated from Northern School of Contemporary Dance with a First-Class Honours degree, where she performed a variety of works by artists such as Lea Anderson, Douglas Thorpe and Amaury Lebrun. Following this, she joined VERVE, where she graduated her Masters with distinction and during this year she toured works by Botis Seva, Barnaby Booth, Caroline Finn and Matthew Robinson. Since this. Rose has been involved in freelance work, so far collaborating with artists such as Gary Clarke, Jack Philp and Serge Coulibaly.

In February 2020, she performed Sababa Co.’s work Aize Balagan at the Resolution Festival at The Place, London, and continues to work with the company on an upcoming piece.


Corrie McKenzie

Originally from Edinburgh, Corrie graduated from The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance in 2018. During her training she toured work internationally and nationally with the National Youth Dance Company of Scotland. In 2018/19 she started her Post Graduate training with MapDance, working with the likes of Jose Agudo, Liz Aggis, Anthony Missen and Didy Veldman. In 2019 Corrie was a company dancer for Harry Parr, performing in Resolutions Festival 2020. Corrie joined Flexer and Sandiland as apprentice artist in 2019. Now as a company dancer she has worked on two of their most recent projects, including ‘Acting Our Age’ and ‘Imagining Otherwise’. Corrie is also currently in R&D with artists such as  Bar Groisman, Nikki Watson (In collaboration with Ashley Peevor) and Sam Burkett. 

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Matilda Bjärum

Matilda is a dance artist born in Lund, Sweden, however she has spent the last years living in the UK and the Netherlands whilst studying at Northern School of Contemporary Dance. She has been involved in works by Humanhood, Vinicius Salles, Vloeistof, Alexandra Pirci, Joseph Mercier, MOov and Graham Adey.
She had the pleasure of being one of the apprentice dancers with Scottish Dance Theatre during the 2019/2020 season, where she toured and performed works by Emmanuel Gat, Janine Harrington, Colette Sadler and 7oito. Matilda continues to develop her artistry in multifaceted ways; in 2019 she started the podcast Head, Shoulders, Knees and Pod and is currently part of the event managing team for the queer culture platform PAGE28.

Matilda is excited to keep on working with Sababa Co. and seeing how Chameleon Life develops!

Shannon Dray

Born in Dundee, Scotland, Shannon began dancing at Scottish Dance Theatre’s Creative Learning. From 2014 to 2017, she studied at The Scottish School of Contemporary Dance achieving a Higher National Diploma. Shannon then studied at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, England, receiving a bachelor of arts degree with first-class honours in contemporary dance. During this time, she was senior dancer of The National Youth Dance Company of Scotland and was doing freelance work for various artists, including Sababa Co.

She is now a company dancer in Compagnie Grenade, France.

Final_John Robinson.jpg

John Robinson


John began dancing at an early age. He was part of the Royal Ballet Mid Associate Programme for 2 years and the DanceEast Centre of Advanced Training for 6 years, before attending the Northern School of Contemporary Dance, graduating with a first-class degree. John was recently the apprentice for 2Faced Dance Company touring in their triple bill Everything [but the girl], performing works by Tamsin Fitzgerald and Fleur Darkin across the UK.

John is particularly interested in improvisation and physical theatre; he loves working with text and movement, and playing with how one can inform the other. He started his work with Sababa Co. in 2020 towards a new production.


Lesya Tyminska


Lesya is a dance artist currently based in London, she trained at Rambert School and has navigated her way around many different dance and movement forms. She has discovered a great passion for improvisation, somatic practices, yoga and how these can be incorporated into her movement and every day life. She has worked with various dance companies and choreographers in Denmark, United Kingdom, Switzerland and India, and feels a great privilege to be able to travel and dance simultaneously. She has recently worked with Bar, researching towards her new work Coiled Up.

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