This work investigates the struggle of an ending relationship. The emotional states visited during this time are explored, ranging from feelings of drowning to displays of strength, never knowing when one will end and the other will begin. Taste the sweetness of the berry and the sourness of our hearts. Walk an awkward path by the sounds of throbbing jazz and jam to the riveting tunes in our lift. Take a moment, get comfortable and make sure your waistcoat is buttoned up symmetrically.

Performed at the Resolution Festival at The Place, London, UK, in February 2020.

Choreographed and directed by Bar Groisman.
Performed by Polly Constance, Shannon Dray, Rose Lewis and Fay Reilly.
Lighting designed by Abigayle Louise Holt.
Text written by Bar Groisman.
Footage filmed and edited by The Place.
Trailer edited by Milo McKinnon.
Photography by Elly Welford and Jez Ward.

Music credits: Wave by Antônio Carlos Jobim, Drowned in Water and Light by Vessel, BUTT MUSCLE by Christeene, That's Nice by Milo McKinnon.