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Coiled Up

Funded by Arts Council England, National Lottery Project Grant 

Commissioned by DanceEast & Back to the Bones Festival 

Partnered with Cambridge Junction, Playground Rambert, Wellbeing of Women

"Coiled Up" - A Performance About Living With A Womb

Living with a womb can be taxing, as we put forth so much effort to conceal or express the physical and emotional symptoms that come with it. However, it's time to stop hiding and start embracing our hormonal monsters together. Join us for "Coiled Up", a work that explores the beauty, suffering, and unforgettable moments that comes with living with a womb.


Supported by, Cambridge Junction, Playground Rambert, Dance Studio Leed, CLAY Arts Leeds, Northern School Of Contemporary Dance, Wellbeing of Women Charity, Lea Tirabasso, Future Female Society.

Trailer by Gen Reeves

Filmed at DanceEast, Jerwood DanceHouse

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