Hi, my name is Bar Groisman I am a dancer, choreographer and founder of company Sababa Co. a contemporary dance theatre company working with emerging artists. Creating physical and theatrical dance works that push the boundaries between movement, words, music and props. Sharing the struggles of everyday life, presenting to the audience urgent topics in a physical form. 

During my training and since my graduation from Northern School of Contemporary Dance, I have also been involved in works by Protein Dance, Ruby Portus, Michael Keegan-Dolan, Sharon Watson, João Cidade and others, alongside my own. I have presented my work at the Resolution Festival, The Place, London, Leeds and Cambridge venues, and recently took my work to Lund, Sweden in summer 2020.

Sababa Co. are currently working on a new production, Coiled Up.

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Photo by Elly Welford

Photo's by Patrik Palm